Quick View – Pros, Cons, and Best Practices

We’ve all shopped online. We decide that we want to browse for the perfect North Face sweatshirt for a friend’s birthday and so we either go to our favorite retailer’s website or we simply Google “North Face sweatshirts.” Either way, we eventually end up on a page full of sweatshirts that we have to sort through. Now, at this juncture, we either choose to open up several tabs to browse the options, navigate back-and-forth between product detail pages and product listings, or use the quick view functionality if it’s available.

Quick view is a simple way for shoppers to view detailed information about products and add them to their carts without ever having to navigate to each individual product page. Sounds great, right? Quick view can be a fantastic tool to improve the overall user experience of an ecommerce site, but only if it’s done right. Here are the pros and cons of quick view:


  • Quick view enables quicker navigation between products
  • Quick view pages that incorporate pertinent product information perform well in terms of clicks
  • Reduces page load time
  • Helps get the shopper to checkout faster


  • If quick view lacks pertinent product info, shoppers may dislike it and forgo it altogether
  • Often, quick view only appears upon hover over the product and shoppers don’t know it’s available

In order to maximize your site’s quick view effectiveness, the quick view option should be visible on product listing pages, not just upon product hover. The quick view window should always include:

  •  Product and brand names
  • Original price as well as any reduced pricing, highlighted in a noticeable color
  • Product information including materials, style, size and colors
  • Product image with ability to zoom and rotate
  • Size and quantity selection options
  • Star rating for the product
  • ‘Add to Cart’ button
  • Link to full product information page

Incorporating these quick view best practices into your ecommerce site will help you use greater use of the quick view functionality, and more importantly, get your customers to checkout faster.

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