Retail Online Integration : Using Retargeting To Get The Most Out Of Ad Dollars

We live in a day and age when browsing the web is no longer an anonymous activity. In addition to all of the “+1’s” and “Likes” we leave in our digital wake, we’re also the recipients of retargeting (or remarketing) advertisements and emails. We’ve all experienced retargeting by now. Retargeting is a simple yet effective solution that places anonymous tracking cookies on your browser. This cookie is a small file that stores information on which pages you’ve visited on the web. This same cookie lets your retargeting provider know when you’ve gone to another website, and it will bid on ad space in real time so that if you’re the highest bidder, an ad will show on the page. For example, if you visited today and looked at hiking boots, you may see the same boots in an ad while browsing

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