Dashing Thru the Data Analysis: Order Volume up 14% this Holiday Season

Total order volume is up 14% this holiday season over 2012 according to our latest stats on the Dashing Thru the Data dashboard. Most of the biggest online shopping days are now behind us, so this is great news for retailers who have navigated a shopping season that’s 6 days shorter than last year.

Last week, Cyber Monday sales were up 25%, capping off an impressive Thanksgiving Weekend that finished up 26%. Average order values over that weekend were up 7%, and total items sold were up 33%.

Green Monday, which is typically the 2nd Monday in December and one of the busiest shopping days of the year, finished up 7% over 2012. Conversion rates are also up 12% overall to an impressive 5.4%. The rest of this week and next week will close out the shopping before Christmas, especially for online retailers, although next Wednesday is Free Shipping Day, something that’s gained popularity over the past few years.

NOTE: If you’ve followed our dashboard this season, you may have noticed that a few of our metrics and charts changed this past week. To stay in line with methodology used by other data sources this holiday season, we’ve changed from a cumulative total analysis to a percentage lift where every client is given equal weight, making our numbers more accurate in terms of how all of our retailers are truly doing.

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