What 2013 Tells Us About the Future of eCommerce

SV I and I logoEach year, our team looks at ShopVisible’s customer data to reveal consumer trends and pinpoint where eCommerce is heading. We compile these insights in our popular Influence & Impact report.  We just released our 2013 report, which uncovers a substantial growth in site traffic from mobile devices and tablets – rounding out to an average of 30 percent of all visits. In fact, smartphones alone accounted for half of this throughout the year, before peaking at 20 percent of all visits in Q4 during the holiday shopping rush.

We’re all aware of the growth in tablet and smartphone use by consumers, yet a significant amount of retailers have yet to provide the complete buying experience through mobile optimization. The large increase in mobile visits did not correspond with a complementary SV 2013 Traffic by Deviceincrease in mobile sales, although we found that when mobile users do purchase, the average order value is comparable to that of desktop users. This likely signals that consumers are increasingly browsing from these devices but tend to transact more in a traditional browser/web experience.

In addition to the omnichannel revolution, the data points to a strength in alternative payment methods such as PayPal, BillMeLater, and Amazon Payments. Over 25 percent of all online orders last year were paid for with something other than a credit card. It’s probably safe to say we will be seeing more of these payment services in the future, particularly with concerns of data theft still ringing in consumers’ ears.

Finally, we identified an 8 percent overall increase in site visits as well as higher overall SV 2013 Monthly Trafficrevenue for our clients in 2013 compared to the previous year. To learn more about best practices and how to get the most out of your eCommerce site, follow us on Twitter @ShopVisible.

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